Feb 12, 2009


“A red sky at night, sailors delight; red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.”
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A red morning sky is an indication of possible rain that day; red evening skies suggest a clear day to follow.

There’s actual meteorological truth to the statement above. The only time when the sky is red is when the sun is shinning through the atmosphere near the horizon. At that angle the sunlight has to pass through a greater amount of air than it does when it’s higher in the sky. At our latitudes in the earth’s temperature zone the prevailing winds move from west to east therefore, when we see the sky in the west, it means that the rain clouds have moved on to the east, the sky clearing, and tomorrow’s weather will probably be clear. “Red sky at night, hiker’s delight.” By the same token, when we see a red sky in the east, it means that the rain clouds have just arrived from the west, bringing stormy weather with the: “Red sky in the morning, hiker’s take warning.”


  1. pssst.... i visited your blog!!! COOL!!! i love the part where you say... "look at the picture.... have you notice an unusual view? (or somthing..) look closer... closer.. then you showed the trees' face... it cool... when I showed that picture to my sisters they wanted me to stop coz they're scared... hehe... they didn't know what you really want to tell.

    By the way.. I love the pictures!!!! :D

    have you guessed who i am?

    -it's BB!!!

  2. That is it?..
    whoa.. i've learned somthing new today.. :D

  3. thanks BB for the comments...


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