Feb 24, 2009

Nature is Watching Us

Did you notice something unusual in this picture? Look closer.


During our last climb in Mt. Pulag via Akiki trail we stop for awhile to take a minute rest, and take some photo shot. After our climb and after printing some pictures, my pal gave me a copy of this picture and was stunned noticing that the tree is watching us (looking at the face-like form on the pine tree trunk).

BEAT FATIGUE ON STEEP CLIMBS Akiki trail was likely a steep trek going up, from the river upto the campsite. So be prepared if you are planning to do a traverse at Mt. Pulag via akiki trail. When high altitude and big mountains take their toll, use the "rest step." With each stride, lock your downhill knee, shifting the weight momentarily onto that back leg. This puts your weight on your bones for a moment, allowing your leg muscles to relax. As you take your next step, transfer your weight to the uphill leg and let momentum swing your downhill foot forward. Repeat. Inhale deeply as you step up; exhale deeply as you pause in the rest step. If you're feeling especially winded, try "pressure breathing": Exhale forcefully through pursed lips as if you're blowing out a candle to push oxygen from the alveoli to the bloodstream.

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