Apr 15, 2009

Mt. Guiting Guiting

Mt. Guiting-Guiting, in Sibuyan Island, Romblon province PH, is considered as one of the most difficult climbs in the Philippines. It stands with Mt. Halcon and Mt. Mantalingajan as the upper limit.

Last April 6-11, 2009, we climbed at Mt. Guiting Guiting, here are some of our photos shots adventures.

Day 1
At Batangas pier.
Leaving at Batangas port going to Romblon, Romblon.
Sundown on our first day on RORO.
Day 2
Romblom port at Romblon, Romblon, then boarding a ferry going to Magdiwang at Sibuyan Island.
At “el padre” ferry leaving Romblon port.
Ambulong pier at Magdiwang, Sibuyan Island.
From Ambulong port, we registered at tourism at Magdiwang Town proper and purchased some foods at the market. But we forgot the 1kilo rice that we’ve purchased hehehe.

At DENR station, registration (php200/mountaineer) and preparation. (We do night trek)
At Camp 1
Camp 2
Day 3
Mt. Guiting Guiting summit!
It was dangerous and not advisable to night trek to Mt. Guiting Guiting summit, the possibility of failure was always there. If the local guides perceive a dangerous weather change forthcoming, the assault was aborted. Patience and perseverance were put to the test (the virtues of a true mountaineer). To reach the summit on time (on or before 1 pm), here’s some note from ybbs outdoors, “don’t temp to pause for the picture taking even though the trail and views were breathtaking. Do the picture taking on the way going down back to Mayo’s peak.”

Peak of Deception (shot from G2 summit).
The saw toothed peaks.
Knife Edge
Mabel’s spring
Kiss the wall area.
Day 4
Early morning at Mayo’s peak viewing deck.
Mayo’s peak campsite (preparing to descend)
Bulod’s spring (refilling our trail water).
Bridge Lodge and Restaurant (taking our overnight rest for only 100 pesos/pax).
Day 5
Early morning waiting for the tricycle to get us back to Ambulong port.
Back to Ambulong Port.
At Romblon port, we did not catch the Montenegro Lines trip going to Batangas, so we planned to take a side trip at my brod hometown at Banton Island, Roblom. There was no regular boat trip on that day (Good Friday) so we chartered a small motor boat (Bangka) going to Banton Island (for php4000/4pax).

Side trip at Long Beach, Tablas Island.
After almost a whole day trip on boat we reach the Island of Banton, a one municipality in the small Island of Romblon province (more about Banton on my next post).
Day 6
After a heartily warm welcome and relaxation at my brod house, we boarded at M/V Kalayaan on Banton port via Lucena City.
Sunset on our last day trip from Mt. Guiting Guiting.
“Mt. Guiting-Guiting - fondly called G2 by enthusiasts - was discovered as a mountaineering hotspot during the early 1980's - an exciting period for Philippine mountaineering, when the novel sport has just begun unraveling new and exciting destinations. In May 1982, a combined team of the Philippine Mountaineering Society (PMS) of Bacolod City and UP Mountaineers did the first exploration of the mountain, reaching the then-unnamed Mayo's Peak but failing to reach the summit. A few weeks later, some of them returned to make the first ascent to G2's summit. They were Mon Ruiz, Kim Valino, Bubot Tan Torre (UP Mountaineers) and Edwin Gatia of the PMS.”

As for the other aspects of the climb, transportation can be a problem especially during Holy Week. On the other hand, sidetrips are numberless: there are beaches, rivers, and waterfalls in Sibuyan Island

How to get there. The most regular is the daily departure from Batangas Pier c/o Montenegro Lines, leaving daily at 1700H going to Romblon, Romblon. Then take a ferry going Ambulong port at Magdiwang, Sibuyan Island (Leaves at 6am or 7am depending on the number of passengers). A trip that connects directly to Magdiwang Port, however, is assured only during Thursday. Another possibility is taking the Lucena port, where there is also a weekly service to Magdiwang.

Thanks for viewing, watch out for more ybbs outdoors adventure!!!


  1. thank you for visiting my hometown sibuyan island, romblon.

  2. you're welcome. ang ganda ng place nyo.

  3. sir i'm also a mountaineer from davao.. (free lancer) is it really that dangerous?? im referring to the assault going to peak.. tnx

    1. it's tiring but it's not that dangerous esp. for an experience mountaineer.


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