Jun 11, 2009

Please Recycle

Recycling is nothing new – birds and animals have been recycling since almost forever. Birds fashion nest using castoffs. Some smaller birds pick up bits of thread and string that people have dropped and weave them into their nest of twigs and grasses. Ravens line their nest with fur shed by bighorn sheep. Others even use their own extra feathers for nest lining. Red squirrels make their homes in the pine cone scales that pile up when they peel them off to get the pine nuts. Mice nibble on the antlers that elk and deer have dropped. Raccoons make their homes in old, hollow logs. People in the meantime, have been carelessly throwing away their junk.
“If you don’t like it, junk it” was a popular motto that many people still use today. They don’t like to be bothered with sorting their trash and putting one part into recycling bins and the other into throwaway bags. There are also other ways of recycling. Think about it.

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