May 17, 2009

Ways to Prevent Blisters

If you relate to your feet in such a caring and sensitive way, they’ll take you anywhere. Blisters are usually caused by excessive rubbing of skin over clothing or equipments (i.e. shoes), and here are some guidelines to prevent them:

  • Buy shoes that allow room for your feet to swell. Break them in by wearing them around town and on day hikes.
  • Wear wicking socks (synthetic or wool); change into a fresh pair as needed. Hang on your pack to dry. Many hikers wear two layers of socks (a thin liner sock and soft outer sock) to prevent blistering. Perhaps you can give this system a try on your next hike.
  • Reduce friction by smearing trouble areas with special cream or wax (i.e. Sportslick or Bodyglide).
  • If you feel a hot spot (a site of obvious burning irritation) on your foot while hiking, stop and cover the spot with moleskin (or plain old duct tape). Moleskin is a soft material that prevents hot spots from becoming blisters. It’s a man-made material almost as soft as a real mole’s skin, with a sticky adhesive on one side. Most pharmacies and sporting goods stores stock it in their first aid sections.
  • If you do get a blister, surround it with a ring of moleskin. Do not pop it, because like other open sores it can become infected. If it pops by itself be sure to keep it clean and apply disinfectant them cover it with sterile gauze. Watch out for signs of infection such as redness or pus. This needs prompt medical management.
  • Blisters caused by burns should not be opened. Fluid imbalance may occur if this is done especially if it covers a lot of area.
(Note: This post is based on researched by the blogger; always seek a medical professional advice.)

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