Jul 30, 2009

Banton, A Side Trip from G2

As I said in Mt. Guiting-guitig post, here’s a quick glance to the town of Banton, Roblom (Our side trip from Mt. G2). Sorry for the late posting-almost four months hehehe. Port of Banton Banton Civic Center The Catedral (Catholic Church) Bell (near Catedral) Old Wooden Houses Cemented Roads Public Well (Labahang Bayan) Fuerza de San Jose Flowers along the Town Banton is a 5th class municipality in the province of Romblon, Philippines. The original name of the island was Batoon, the most rugged, stony and rocky island in the country. It was changed by the Spaniards to Banton. Another theory suggested that the name was derived from the local name of the stone fish – Bantoy. History and nature culminates in Banton, Romblon. Caves and beaches please the stressed while forts. Libraries and museums satisfy the curious mind. The waters that surround the island are great areas for diving. How to get there: Manila via Lucena City Take Bus bound to Lucena City/Dalahican pier. Take a jeep to Cotta. Then, take ride a boats to Banton, estimated Travel time: 14 hours. (Some photos are courtesy of Noel B.)

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