Jul 19, 2009


Airsoft is a term used interchangeably to refer to one or both of the following subjects: · A game in which players participate in the simulation of military or law enforcement combat with replica military firearms and military-style tactics. · A replica firearm scaled either 1:1(or perhaps as a “mini” or “3/4”) used in said games. (These are sometimes referred to as soft air guns, to differentiate them from standard pellet-firing air guns.) It is important that all players are required to wear proper and approved attire for their own safety. Here is the photo of my latest airsoft injuries; I’ll shoot from the side so my vest doesn’t protect me.

(Note: Even if you happen to elude the marshals and go ahead playing, I’ve got one word for you: stupidity. Because safety first is what this game is partly all about. The fun and adrenaline rush as well as the camaraderie completes the picture.) Here are the rules the Rules of Engagement from SAGA (Strategic Assault Group Alliance).

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