Jul 25, 2009

Tent Questions Before Buying One

Before buying a tent, here are some questions to answer. 1. Will it keep you dry? Make sure that it has a rain fly or waterproof shell and well-sealed seams. A rain fly that doesn’t sag when wet and that stretches well beyond the edge of the tent will provide a dry shelter even during heavy storms. 2. Is it easy to set up? Can you put it together in less than fifteen minutes? A Difficult-to-assemble tent can be a real chore during a bad weather. Conduct a trial setup before buying or renting a tent. 3. Is it insect proof? Will it protect you from clouds of mosquitoes or tiny biting flies? Make sure the netting mesh is small enough to keep out even the smallest bloodsuckers. 4. Is it roomy? Pick one that is roomy enough for you to lounge around and play cards in. Being holed up during a rainstorm is okay if you have space to play. 5. Is it tough? Most tents are made three season (spring, summer and fall) use. If you plan to camp in winter when snow and other extreme weather conditions exist, use a four-season tent designed to hold up under snow and wind. Regardless of the time of year, use a ground sheet under your tent to seal off ground moisture. – In Philippine weather, the question is; does it stand in the strong wind and heavy rain fall? (Note: In mountaineering lightweight and durable tent are the best option.)

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