Aug 1, 2009

Packing Tips

It’s nice to have food, drink, and other necessities handy when you head out to explore the trails. Imagine all the stuff you could take hiking if you had a horse or a camel at your disposal. Unfortunately, during a climb the only pack animal available is you. Whatever items you choose for the hike, you have to carry. Knowing what to take and how to pack it may mean the difference between feeling like a mistreated jackass and a prancing pony. Here are some packing tips: Make sure you use a pack that fits you comfortably. Adjust the straps so that the pack hangs above your wrist. A pack with shoulder straps that are too long will bump your butt. A pack with the shoulder strap joined too far apart at the top will slide off your shoulders. A pack with padded straps should feel just right. When transporting heavy loads, use pack with a waist belt. Place heavy items at the bottom of the pack. Heavy loads on top will pull you backwards. If there is any chance of rain, carry rain gear and include one extra layer of clothing. This also can be used as padding. Stuff it against the back of the pack so you won’t get poked by any hard objects that you may be carrying. Carry compact, lightweight food such as chocolate bars (granola/power bars) or GORP (Gobs Of Raisins and Peanuts mixed with other nuts and dried fruits). For emergencies pack toilet paper and your rescue whistler. Always carry trail water or other drinks. And don’t forget to take your flashlight. (Photos taken at Mt. Guiting Guiting DENR Station by Noel B.)

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