Sep 17, 2009

Citizenship Day '09

Today is the day on which the Constitution of the United States was signed in 1787. Since 1952 it has been celebrated as Citizenship Day (in U.S.). What does good citizen mean? Take a look at this (a mountaineers approach):

C—a good mountaineer is CONCERNED. He/she does all he can to protect and make our mountains a better and greener place to climb.

I—he/she keeps INFORMED about the environmental issues around him and do what he can to support good causes.

T—a good mountaineer is TOLERANT of people of other tribes, races, creeds, cultures, and even other mountaineering groups.

I—he/she is also INDEPENDENT. A good mountaineer is not a burden to the community. (pack out, pack in.)

Z—a good mountaineer will be “ZEALOUS of good works”. He/she will participate in community projects.

E—he/she will be an EXAMPLE of all that is good, true, honest, and clean.

N—a good mountaineer is NEIGHBORLY. He/she is friendly and goes out of his way to show kindness to someone in need along the trail.

S—a good mountaineer will be “SUBJECT unto the higher powers”. He/she will not resist that government/DENR, but will obey the rules and regulations.

H—he/she will be known as a HELPFUL person. If other mountaineer is in trouble, he will do what he can to be of service.

I—a good mountaineer is INDIGNANT when he sees wrong doing. He speaks out against crime of every type.

P—a good mountaineer will be PEACEFUL. He/she will not quarrel with other mountaineers but look for ways to be friends. He/she will not participate in violence. He/she will not disturb the peace of others up there especially during rest hour.


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