Sep 27, 2009

Parasailing in Bora and Banana Boat Ride

Boracay offers a wide variety of activities; this one is the best thing to do. Parasailing is a fun sport that is a cross between skydiving and water-skiing. As in water-skiing, you are pulled behind a boat, but instead of wearing skis you strap a parachute to your back. As the boat moves forward, the parachute fills with air and pulls you aloft. The experience is typically very smooth and exhilarating. Unless you’re afraid of heights, this fun activity for everyone over the age of 12. (around $43.00/15mins.)

The safest way to experience parasailing is if you’re launched off of a dock in the middle of the water, as opposed to off to the beach. The typical ride last anywhere from five to fifteen minutes depending on the operator. Wear a bathing suite/trunk. Otherwise, all equipment will be provided.
Also a fun thing to do is the Banana boat ride. A banana shape floating device usually made in rubber pulled by a motorize boat. Watch out for the small wave for a bumpy ride.

This post is dedicated to my newly wed friends – Joven and Vera. Congratulations! Photo courtesy of Joven.

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