Sep 7, 2009

Promenade at Playa Laiya Beach

Situated on the south-easternmost tip of Batangas, Playa Laiya’s 1.5 km beachfront is located along the gateway of the 7 km Laiya coast in San Juan, Batangas, which is considered one of the longest coastlines in Luzon. Just a relaxing 2 and half hour drive from Manila or an hour of easy driving from Lipa City, Batangas or San Pablo City, Laguna. Boasts of an extensive beachfront and pristine white sand that create the perfect setting to relax, play and enjoy in more ways than one.
Photo of my niece walking along the beach of Playa Laiya, and some of my photo shots.
Discover Batangas' best-kept secret. The beaches of San Juan. (Some photos are courtesy of Don D.)
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  1. I like the place. it's one nice destination to have vacation with friends and family.


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