Nov 8, 2009

The "S" of Airsoft

Haven’t got a clue what we’re talking about? Welcome to the airsoft word.

Safety. The watchword of airsoft. It’s a hobby, and everyone should finish the day with every body part they started with.

Sector Gear. The gear that meshes with the teeth on the piston. Called a sector gear as a ‘sector’ of the teeth are missing (to allow the spring to push the piston forward).

Semi-Auto Latch. Latch found in the gearbox of an AEG. Engages a cam on the axle of the sector gear (as well as disconnecting the trigger switch) to give semi-automatic capability.

Shotgun. Shotguns are cool. From Maruzen’s pump action shell ejecting M870s to Marui’s SPAS12.

Silent Piston Head. Not really ‘silent’ at all. This piston head is designed to reduce the impact shock on the cylinder head.

Skirmish Site. A site to skirmish at. Come in many varieties. From well-developed sites to simple ‘20 players in the woods’ type affairs. Just remember that it isn’t just the facilities that make a great site – it’s the players and marshalling!

Skirmishing. The art of killing ones hangover by running around a site attempting to shoot your mates, whilst avoiding them shooting you.

Sling. Used for attaching you to your rifle/ SMG. Some are fiendishly designed to make it impossible to take off and some are designed to strangle you when you get caught in the undergrowth.

Smoke Grenades. Possibly the most mis-used device in airsoft. Used by the military to provide a screen to cover movement and for signalling purpose. Used by airsofters to either set fire to dry grass, or give the enemy the advantage.

Sniper Rifle. The airsoft gun of the long-range hunter. In theory. Often used (at sites that allow high FPS) as artillery more than a precision tool of long range elimination.

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