Jan 3, 2010

10 Simple Ways to Reuse Your Plastic Bag

It’s a new year; I think my first post this year suited after the holidays. Upon cleaning and packing my stuff after holidays I’ll noticed this plastic (“Target” plastic bag) bag with earthly reminders printed on one side and may be it worth sharing.

10 Ways to Reuse this Plastic Bag:
1. Tiny trash can liner
2. Doggy duty
3. Water balloon
4. Road trip rubbish
5. Soggy laundry
6. Ice pack
7. Toiletry tot
8. Kitty litter liner
9. Tomorrow’s lunch bag
10. Care package padding

I guess you have a lot of plastic bags these days because of the holiday’s season, from malls, department stores and supermarkets. Just reminders from ybbs outdoors, please REUSE and RECYCLE…

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