Jan 26, 2010

Airsoft Rules and Regulations

This gun ban season be careful on transporting your guns and playing airsoft. This gun ban season it’s time to share this article to fellow airsofter for them to read and serve as a guide. You may be put up your own team, will choose your leaders and this shall be followed by making your very own rules. These may be a basic but it can help.

1. Airsoft guns using 6mm BB’s must chrono 500 fps or less using .2 gram 6mm BB’s. Any airsoft gun that exceeds the velocity limit will not be allowed in play.
2. Airsoft guns with adjustable hop-up must be set to a level flight path.
3. Bolt action, spring powered 6mm rifles must chrono 500 fps or less using .2 Gram 6mm BB’s (chronos and BB’s depends on gamesite/team you are playing). Any airsoft gun that exceeds the velocity limit will not be allowed in play.
4. Modified pellet/metal BB firing airguns or live firearms are not allowed during the play or at the playing field / gamesites.
5. All players must wear adequate head protection at all times. This means rigid protection over the eyes, as well as rigid or semi-rigid protection over the ears, nose, and mouth. No player will be allowed to enter the field without proper head protection.
6. Paintball face masks that provide full face and ear protection will be considered the minimum standard. Players are allowed to add decorative items to the paintball mask that do not pose a safety hazard. Players are not allowed to remove parts or modify the mask in any way that significantly compromises the protection provided.
7. Screen mesh goggles or masks will be allowed but they should be forewarned due to the likelihood of BB fragments causing eye injuries.
8. Head gear must not be removed while still on the ground or inside the game field, even if the game is over. There may be some players who continue to engage in a battle despite the signal of a game over, simply because they failed to hear the whistle.
9. If your head gear is damaged, replace it. If your face mask gets fogged while you are playing, do not take it off! If it has an elastic strap, try “flapping” it against your face (no more than an inch or so away) or, if you have small fingers, you might be able to get a finger into your mask without removing it in order to wipe the goggle section clean.

If none of these work and you can’t clear up the problem by all means, call the nearest referee, and cry for help!

10. No shooting is allowed on the field before and after a game. You may test fire your guns only at firing zone.
11. No rubber or artificial / replica knives or weapons are allowed. No solid/foam headed grenade projectiles are allowed.
12. Covered shoes are required. Long pants and some sort of jacket are highly recommended.
13. Use of drugs or alcohol is highly prohibited in the field.
14. No open fires allowed.

Even though airsoft guns are considered toy guns, this must be coupled with a serious responsibility. If handled improperly, airsoft guns can cause serious injury or even death.

By following the basic gun safety rules you can keep yourself and those around you safe.

1. Never assume a gun is safe or unloaded.
2. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire your gun. Even when the mag is out, there may be a BB left in the chamber.
3. Keep the mag out of the gun until you are ready to play.
4. Keep the safety ON until you are on the field, ready to play.
5. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, away from other people.
6. Always use the designated shooting zone to test fire your gun when not in play.

Everytime a game is over and before you enter the staging area, remember...

1. For AEGs, remove the mag and fire a few shots in a safe direction to clear any BBs’ that may still be inside the chamber. Keep the mag out of the gun and the safety ON until you are ready to play the next game.
2. For gas guns, remove the mag and pull the slide back to clear any remaining BBs.
3. Keep the mag out and the safety ON until you are ready to play the next game.

1. If you are hit anywhere, you are eliminated from the game. This includes the things you carry.
2. Eliminated players don’t talk.
3. Ricochets do NOT count.
-Hits to any part of your body is considered a kill.
-Hits to any part of your tactical gear or equipment, such as ammo bags, canteen, and pouches, etc. also count as a kill.
-Ricochets that hit you DO NOT count as a kill.
-Hits to the gun do not count as a kill.

a. Avoid swearing and overly aggressive “trash talk”.
b. If you think you hit a player but they didn’t acknowledge it, ask them if they were hit.

It helps to identify the specific player and where you think they were hit. If the player says they were not hit, SHOOT HIM AGAIN. If someone thinks they hit you, go ahead and call yourself “HIT” (you can always play in the next game). Remember, you may not feel or hear every hit.

4. When you have been eliminated, go to the staging area. While you are leaving the field, make sure to carry your gun over your head and call out something like: “Hit--dead man coming out” continuously until you are out of the battle field.
5. If you are sure that someone is deliberately not taking hits, immediately call the attention of the marshall on site.
6. If you came across an enemy within 10 feet or so, ask him to surrender before you shoot. If they surrendered, they are automatically eliminated, no need to pull the trigger. If they don’t surrender, you may then shoot them (be nice--no full-auto barrages). In the same way if you refuse to surrender to the enemy, you are likely to be shot at very close range and it will probably sting. Surrendering is optional for the “victim”.
7. If you get within arm’s reach of someone, don’t shoot them, tag them instead. A tag is as good as a hit (anyone tagged is eliminated).
8. Stay in bounds while playing. Boundaries will be marked.
9. Players must not scatter from their starting points before the game starts. (Unless the marshall says they can.)
10. No going back to the dead zone/camp to reload during the game. You must carry with you all the ammo needed during the game.
11. The referee(s) on duty may change some of the minor safety rules listed above from one game to another. In every types of game, comes along a variety of rules to follow. If you are not familiar with the rules, ask the marshall.

Respect the rules! Respect the marshals! Just play the game! The rules is implemented to avoid accidents and injuries.

(Note: This gun ban season be careful in transporting your guns, secure a permit and avoid the authorities.)

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