Feb 17, 2010

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

We happened to passed by at the town of Nagcarlan, Laguna (last Sunday, Valentine’s Day), so we do a quick peek and poise at the famous Underground Cemetery. During the Spanish Colonial period Fr. Vicente Belloc who served as Nagcarlan parish priest built the Underground Cemetery in 1845. It also served as a secret meeting place by the Katipuneros. The caretakers of the NHI-Underground Cemetery well maintained the beauty of its lawn and the cleanliness of the area.

(note: photography and video-taking is not allowed inside the chapel and at the underground crypt.)

How to be there:
From Manila ride a bus bound to Lucena. At San Pablo City bus stop ride a tricycle or PUJ to San Pablo City town proper and go directly to  Nagcarlan (or Liliw bound PUJ) PUJ terminal. It is near the main road and located before you reach Nagcarlan town proper.

Nagcarlan town proper is accessible to all types of land vehicles plying from Sta. Cruz, Laguna and San Pablo City, and fairly accessible from Calauan and Lucban roads as well (due to under construction bridge between Majayjay to Lucban, it cannot be accessible by private vehicle from Lucena City via Lucban-Majayjay).

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