Mar 1, 2010

Rules on Fire Safety Camping

March is fire prevention month (Philippines), always be careful with fire even on the outdoor especially on campsite. All tents are flammable; some can ignite if erected near an open flame and can burn completely within minutes. About 80 percent of all camping tents are made of cotton, and the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warms that water proofing a tent sometimes increases flammability.

Here are some fire safety camping rules:
1. Never use candles or gasoline pressure lanterns in a tent, and never set up a tent too close to a campfire.
2. Always refuel any heat-producing equipment, such as a lantern or stove, at least 15 feet away from a tent. Store flammable liquids at least 30 feet away.
3. Never cook inside a tent.
4. Always pitch a tent away from a campfire and upwind so that sparks will not fall on the tent.
5. Don’t hang a bare electrical light bulb where it may touch the tent fabric and burst into flame.
6. Use tents that are manufactured of flame-resistant material.

(Note: In mountaineering making bonfires are prohibited, except for survival and emergency purposes. Camping area should be free from any form of fires.)

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