May 5, 2010

Sablayan Presing Park (Parola Park)

Presing Park (named after the wife of former Mayor Loreto Urieta) prominently known as “Bundok Bayan” a.k.a. PAROLA PARK, is a historical monument dedicated to the people of Sablayan which stands at an elevation of 32 meters above sea level, ideal viewpoint for enjoying splendid panorama. Also capture a glimpse of the history featuring the 18th century Cannon built by Spaniards as protection from pirates, the 19th century Parola guide for sea farers, and a grotto. Today you could also find a modern lighthouse and a Telecom (Globe) tower. The park offers the best sunset view in town.
the 19th century Lighthouse
the 18th century Cannon
To be there:
Sablayan is located at the center of the Province of Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. If you in the town of Sablayan, just ask any tricycle driver and you’re be there.

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