Jun 13, 2010

“To the Strongest”

Alexander the Great lived about three hundred years before Christ. He conquered the ancient world from Greece to India. His fame as a general spread far and wide.

He was 32 years old and had great plans for the future. However, his ideas were never realized, for in the year 323 B.C. Alexander threw a big party. No one ate or drank more than he. He drank all one night and all the next day. While lying in his room in a drunken stupor he caught a cold, which developed into malaria.

On the tenth day of June he fell into a coma and hi men knew he was dying. A long parade of soldiers filed by his bed. He roused just enough for someone to ask him to whom his kingdom should go. He murmured faintly, “To the strongest.” On this day, June 13 he died.

Alexander the Great had conquered almost the whole world, but he had not been able to conquer himself.

(Note: In Mountaineering, conquer yourself first before conquering mountains.)

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