Jul 19, 2010

San Juan – as Special Tourism Zone

Recognize the potentials of San Juan, Batangas into becoming one of the premiere tourist destinations of the country, former President GMA made sure the town known for its picturesque white sand beaches will be developed as a special tourism zone.

Before formally turning over the reins of government to President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III last June 30, Mrs. Arroyo singed Executive Order 904 designating San Juan Priority Tourism Area (SPJTA).

Batangas Rep. Llandro Mendoza said provincial and municipal officials lauded the move of the former President even as they aired optimism that San Juan would become one of the top destinations of local and foreign tourists in the country.

“Executive Order 904 seeks to vastly improve the tourism industry and economy of Batangas by developing the magnificent beaches of San Juan and luring tourist to make them part of their priority destinations,” said Mendoza.

Mendoza stressed that the presidential directive also guarantees that forest reserves and watersheds are aptly protected and preserved while the tourism potential of the area is being conserved and maximized.

San Juan Mayor Rodolfo Manalo said San Juan, a first-class municipality, boasts of the “majestic” Laiya beach, which has become among the favorite swim spots in the country today. Manalo said EO 904 bolsters the potential tourism value of the locality.

He explained that the presidential order creates the SJPTA Task Force to be composed of representatives from the Philippine Tourism Authority, Philippine Retirement Authority and Philippine Economic Zone Authority. Other members are representatives from the office of the municipal mayor, resort owners and local Chamber of Commerce or similar group.

The SJPTA will be the sole body that would be tasked to transform San Juan into a tourism haven and improves its tourism facilities. It was also given the authority to impose regulations to preserve the natural resources of the area, govern proper land use projects and practices and coordinate business enterprises in the area.

-source Manila Bulletin (www.mb.com.ph)

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