Sep 26, 2010

Singapore: Freemason’s Hall

This building was completed and consecrated in 1886, designed by Architect Donald McLeod Craik. For many years, the locals called the building rumah hantu, meaning "haunted house" in Malay, as few knew of what happened in this exclusive clubhouse and people often thought "strange ceremonies" took place here. Non-members are only allowed on the ground floor where there is a bar, a dining room, a billiard table and a jackpot room. The area upstairs is known to the Freemasons as the Temple, and is used for gatherings and ceremonies which have been continuing for more than a hundred years.

Freemasonry began in Singapore in 1845 with the consecration of Lodge Zetland #748 at the Masonic Room in  Armenian Street. Between 1845-1879, Freemasons held their meetings in different places, until 1879 when they moved into this building at Coleman Street where the Freemason's Hall is located.

Location: 23A Coleman Street behind the Hill Street Fire Station.

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