Oct 12, 2010

Mt. Faber Park

Mt Faber is a fairly high hill, rising between the city centre and the port, one of the oldest parks in Singapore; it is a popular tourist destination. From this park, you can take a cable car to Sentosa Island or enjoy the panoramic view of the southern part of Singapore and the southern islands.

Look-out points were added at various sides of the ridge offers a panoramic view of Singapore. A mural wall depicting scenes of local history can be seen at Upper Faber Point, the highest point in the park.

Mount Faber is covered by a secondary rain forest. The vegetation on the slope helps to stabilise the terrain besides beautifying the park. Arenga palms and Rhododendrons can be seen alongside the planted Bougainvilleas and Red Flame, Cassia fistula and Alstonia trees. It  is one of the higher hills in Singapore at 106 metres (348 ft.), behind the Bukit Timah Hill (164 m (538 ft.)) and Bukit gombak (133 m (436 ft.) and 113 m (371 ft.)). It is separated from the adjacent slightly lower Telok Blangah Hill by Herderson Road.

The Marang Trail

It was already dark and we are already exhausted so this is my best photo on Marang Trail.

This is my last post on my Singapore Southern Ridges series, thanks for viewing. More post on Singapore!

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