Oct 20, 2010

Mt. Kinabalu

Communing with nature always proves an exhilarating experience for me and being there on top of Mt. Kinabalu. We plan this climb with my brother long months ago; we flew from Singapore into Kota Kinabalu airport. Located on the west coast of Sabah, east Malaysia on the island of Borneo; it covers an area of 754 square km surrounding Mount Kinabalu, which at 4,095.2 meters (13,435 feet), is the highest mountain on the island of Borneo (and in Southeast Asia).
 The name 'Kinabalu' is was derived from the words 'Kina' means 'China' and 'Balu' means 'widow'; in other words 'Chinese Widow'. This name pertains to the legend of a Chinese prince who was banished to Borneo and fell in love with a woman there. The prince, however, returned to China, promising to return soon. But he was kept in China by his royal parents, and the Bornean lady, anxious, climbed up the highest mountain to wait for her husband's ship to arrive. She did this for a time, until she succumbed. The spirit of the mountain turned her into a stone, facing China forever.

In 1964 Kinabalu Park was established to protect Mount Kinabalu and its plant and animal life. In the year 2000, UNESCO has declared it as The World Heritage Site.

For reservation contact:
Sutera Sanctuary Lodges,
G.15, Ground Floor, Wisma Sabah,
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Telephone: 6088-243629, 6088-245742 Fax: 6088-259552
E-mail: infor@suterasanctuarylodges.com
Website: www.suterasanctuarylodges.com (online booking available)
Or, go directly to the Sabah Parks (at the Kinabalu Park reception counter) to arrange for a climbing permit, mountain guide, insurance, climbing certificate, porter service, and transport to starting point. Telephone: 6088-889098 

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