Oct 18, 2010

Sabah: Streets of Sandakan

It was a continuation of the Sandakan post, just showing the streets of the City proper. Sandakan is only a small town and it is easy to walk around. There is a walking trail which covers all the main sites.

"Sandakan" is derived from the Suluk word "sanda" meaning, to pawn and "kan" being the suffix. So "Sandakan" means “the place that was pawned”. Who pawned it, and to whom, remains a mystery.

As Sandakan was almost totally destroyed in World War II, there are few surviving buildings of any age. Unfortunately we didn’t visit all of them due to limited time and budget.

During the early 1870s, the east coast of Sabah was under control of the Sultan of Sulu, who also ruled what are now the southern Philippines.

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