Oct 22, 2010

Up Close to a Sabah Squirrel

This species is highly varied in colour and patterning. The general pattern in most forms, however, comprises of upper part finely speckled brownish, they have hair on underpants’ grey to black but sometimes with a reddish tinge or orange belly. Often there is a white stripe along the flank which may be thin or thick depending on the subspecies.

It occurs in primary or tall secondary rainforest, but will also leave the confines of such forest to enter adjacent cultivated areas in search of ripe fruits. It may also enter nearby oil palm and coconut plantations. It is diurnal and almost exclusively arboreal. Besides a liking for sweet fruits, their food consists of nuts, fruits, and seeds, and also of insects and bird eggs. It also consumes insects found in rotting wood such as termites, ants and beetles.

All photos were taken at Kinabalu National Park (Timpohon gate 1866.4 masl) and some photos are courtesy of Don D.

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