Jan 1, 2011

Fill Your Life with New Year’s Celebrations

C H O I C E S – the cradle of your destiny
E N V I R ON M E N T – the empowerment of your community
L I Q U I D S – the lubricant of your functionality
E X E R C I S E – the elixir of your energy
B E L I E F – the basis of your spirituality
R E S T – the restorer of your resiliency
A I R – the activator of your vitality
T E M P E R A N C E – the temple of your purity, self-control or moderation
I  N T E G R I TY – the incorruptibility of your honesty
O P T I M I S M – the operant of your sanity
N U T R I T I O N – the nourishment of your body
S T E W A R D S H I P – the submission to your responsibility

Celebrate life, celebrate New Year. Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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