Mar 26, 2011

Loboc River Cruise

Just an hour’s drive from Panglao Island is the Loboc River, a waterway that serves as a channel for riverside residents and a great destination in Bohol as well. No trip on this province is complete without the experience of the Loboc River Cruise, where the famed floating restaurants can be found. The River Cruise starts either from the Loay Bridge in a neighboring town or at the town’s Poblacion near the Church. It is about an hour or more boat ride upstream that ends near small waterfalls, the Busay Falls.
There are many different companies offering the river cruise so there are a lot of choices and it is good idea to ask for prices and check the menus posted to see what they offer. There are two choices for the river cruise. The first and the more popular are boarding the floating restaurant. The other is via a banca (canoe-like) where boatmen will take you to the cascading mini waterfall of Busay. 
Getting there. Loboc is 21 km east of Tagbilaran City (or the Loay Bridge is 20 kilometers from Tagbilaran). Catch a bus to Loboc, or one in the direction of Carmen.

Photos are courtesy of LeeWay.

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