Mar 24, 2011

Panglao Island – Bohol

Aside from the world famous Chololate Hill, Panglao Island is one of the most visited place in Bohol both local and foreign tourist. Located just southwest of the capital city of Tagbilaran, the space is nestle by the warm expanse of the Cebu strait embraced by the serenity of sparkling waters. Politically it is divided into two municipalities, Dauis and Panglao.
Historical background. In early history, Panglao was known to Chinese, Malay, Siamese and Indonesian traders. In 1803, Spanish explorers came to the shores of Panglao in search of fresh water. At the time a couple of natives on the seashore were making fishing devices called "panggaw". One of the Spaniards asked what the name of the island was. The natives--who thought the visitors were asking what they were making--then replied "panggaw". Hence, from that term, was derived the name Panglao. Currently Panglao is the one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.
Photos are courtesy of LeeWay.

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