Apr 27, 2011

1st Bulihan Festival

It was a town fiesta with their patron San Vicente Ferrer and the 1st Bulihan Festival from April 19-25, 2011 at Sampaloc. It is a 5th class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines.
The festival was named Bulihan from the word “buli” (buri palm) in tagalong, it was formerly known as “Sinampalukan Festival” and this year they change it to “Bulihan Festival”. The buri palm is found throughout the Philippines, being in some regions widely scattered and in others sub gregarious and abundant at low and medium altitudes, just like in Quezon province. The buri palm is the most stately and largest palm in the Philippines. It also occurs in India to Malaya.

Because buri palm are most common in the mountainous ranges of Sierra Madre it became the main source of income for the common residents. The many products from the buri palm leaves and fibbers (fan, hat, basket, bag, sandals, etc.) has showcases it as a decoration in the houses during the festivities week (see photos). Sampaloc is also the main producers of buli native products in the town of Lucban that is famous in “Pahiyas Festival”.  


  1. im from the said province and im proud of the hidden treasure sampaloc quezon has to offer! thanks for the post ♥

  2. I am proud of being Sampalokin!!!hope to be there next Bulihan Festival!!!

  3. I am proud of being Sampalokin!!!Hope to be there next Bulihan Festival!!!


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