May 25, 2011

Coron Boulevard (“Lualhati Park”)

The Coron Boulevard. Commonly known as the Boulevard by the Coronians (residents of Coron), it is the Coron version of Baywalk. But when you’re here you can find a marker that read “Lualhati Park.”

Whatever do they call it all I can say that area is the most important place for a tourist here in Coron. Maybe no one agrees with me, but I’ll give two reasons why I said so, first it is the place where everyone starts their island adventure, it is a jump-off point to island hoping where all boats dock here. And secondly, shuttle van service going to airport (going home) park here, unless you have a hotel van service.

Lualhati Park is also a perfect place to have a morning jog/walk and an afternoon leisurely walk with family and friends. It is located at Coron Bay near public market in the center of the town. It has also a solar powered light post and as of now some area are still under construction.

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