May 22, 2011

Dive at Siete Pecados

The Siete Pecados Marine Park is very popular for snorkelling, so I try it. When you’re down, it’s like swimming in a big aquarium it has beautiful corals and a great variety of fishes. This is one of the best sites to snorkel in Coron.
The fees are Php100 and the recommended time to snorkel is during low tide and when the current are smooth. You can feed the fish if you want, so bring some bread. It become famous coz a local TV show about a mermaid shot here. We came here not because of that shooting but because of a beautiful world down here (personally I don’t know what that TV program is).
I’ve saw and counted only 6 islets maybe I’d miss one, the Siete Pecados is a cluster of 7 islets. It literally means “seven sins,” dunno why. In my research I’ve collected 4 versions legends about the site. (1) There were seven sisters who went swimming against their mother’s wishes, unfortunately they all drowned, afterwards seven small islands rose from the sea. (2) Another legend tells of a kind-hearted chieftain who asked God for something to honor his 7 daughters, and so seven islets sprouted from the sea. (3) Here’s another once there were seven sisters who wanted to attend a dance party, but their father didn't permit them. Still, the seven ladies left, and sadly, their boat capsized in this area and the seven islands represented the seven ladies. (4) Another story tells that seven kids swam from the main island to escape it and follow their parents, but they all drowned and the place where they drowned is where the islands are now present. Forget about the legends hehehe just enjoy diving here.


  1. Oh yes, I had so much fun in Siete Pecados! It was my second time to snorkel. Want to go back to Palawan!

    1. tnx for dropping by. want to go back too..


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