May 27, 2011

Grand 3-Ring Motoring Event 2011

It’s just a coincidence that I’m here at the Grand 3-Ring Motoring Event at SMX Mall of Asia. I’m just passing by to pay my telephone and electric bills at MOA before going to airport when I saw a sign that there is a motor show going on at SMX. As car fanatic can’t resist not having a peek, so it ends up paying an entrance fee of Php80.00. By the way here are some of my photos.
It was a three motor show combined in one event; The 1st Nostalgic Motor Show, 20th Trans Sport Show and 4th MSCC Concours d’ Elegance. Held at SMX hall 2-4, May 26-29, 2011, open from 10am-8:30pm.

20th TRANS SPORT SHOW. It is the car enthusiasts’ venue of choice for creative self-expression through their automobiles.

4th MSCC Concours d’ Elegance. The Manila Sports Car Club (MSCC) Concours d’ Elegance is the most prestigious vintage car competition in the Philippines. Limited to 30 of the best restored and preserved cars in the Philippines.

1st Philippine Nostalgic Motor Show. If you had driven a car, ridden in it, been in a motoring event or just plain fallen in love with it at some point in your life up until the 1980s, then the 1st PNMS is for you.

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