Jun 11, 2011

Tabuk, Paradise Island?

Off coast of the Sablayan town market is a sitio called Tabuk, which is famously known and called as “Paradise”. Sitio Tabuk in Brgy. Buenavista is a small fishing community which dried fish (tuyo) are made from a freshly catch. It is nearly an island with the Sablayan River separated it from the town. I don’t know why this place is being called by the locals as Paradise. The beach has fine black sand and has a lot of garbage and animal dung along the shoreline, most of the residents just dump their garbage at the sea. The area is also overcrowded and populated with lots of illegal settlers.
By the way I don’t argue with the locals about how they called it, where just come here to simply watch the sunset. Maybe it’s the sunset that makes this place a paradise, if you watch the sunset from the market area (on the other side of the bridge) you can see a ray of light in the distance with a gleaming white to red light rays envisioned that there is a paradise close by. That’s maybe the reason why this place is called Paradise
From here you can see at the horizon the Pandan Grande Island, with a good white beach and best diving place. Going here you have to cross the Sablayan Bridge (the ‘San Francisco Bridge’ of Sablayan), below the Sablayan River.
Sablayan is biggest municipality seated at the heart of Occidental Mindoro, also a first class municipality. It lies in the middle of San Jose and Mamburao town.

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