Jun 1, 2011

Wet Feet at Villa Escudero

A wet foot in a hot summer can ease the heat on the day while having lunch and enjoying a buffet style meal at the famous Villa Escudero in Tiaong, Quezon. The water is up to your ankles running over your feet. There you can cool your feet. You can also get wet/soak your body in water flowing from Labasin Dam.
Bamboo hut grid a river that flows to a dam where picnickers gather around the tables that have been set up in the river, that’s where we eat.
“A convenient and refreshing escape from the bundle and bustle of the city, take this chance to enjoy a variety of activities in the rural setting of the Villa Escudero Coconut Plantation. About a two hour drive south of Metro Manila, this quaint and historic estate is set amidst a pastoral grove inside a coconut plantation, a picturesque showcase of old plantation life. Guests will tour the plantation on board a Carabao drawn cart while serenaded by a native band.”  -www.villaescudero.com/
The main feature of this resort is the use of the Labasin Lake which was formed by the micro-hydro development of the resort station (ArseƱo Escudero Hydroelectric Power Plant). It also provides water for irrigation.

Photos are courtesy of LeeWay

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