Sep 22, 2011

Puerto Princesa City: Mendoza Park and the City Coliseum

“Not so many men is given the opportunity to die for his country.”

Located along Rizal Avenue in the City center of Puerto Princesa, Palawan PH is the Mendoza Park – named after Dr. Hinigio Mendoza, a war hero of Palawan. Doctor Mendoza's resistance to Japanese control led to his execution at Canigaran Beach on January 24, 1944. His remains and those of several unknown soldiers were entered into the memorial found on one side of the park.
On the east side of the park is a multi-purpose covered court (amphitheatre). On the other side you can find the Palawan museum that showcases not only Palawan’s history, music, culture, heritage and arts but also the mythology of the island. The famous Tabon Caves man artifacts houses there. Just beside the museum is the City Library.
The Puerto Princesa City Coliseum is located along National Highway brgy San Pedro. A place of major activities was held. It has fountains and gardens outside.
Note: This is just part of the City Tour.

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