Oct 22, 2011

Saturday Med.itations

It was just almost two years from blogging, but I think there was something missing. As the blog implies (sharing ideas) it isn’t complete without the Word from our Divine Creator, so as part of this blog I will be posting and sharing some insights from our Creator (Almighty God). Starting from now it will be posted every 1st Saturday of the month (or every Saturday if I’m not toxic) under the Saturday Med.itations categories – a spiritual medicine for our weary souls.

Let the Word of God shine over the cyberspace. It will only take a few minutes of your precious time in the net (just a tick in your clock, so I’ll try to make it short and simple), to read and meditate. So, even if there are a few readers or even none I’ll be maintaining it regularly (hope so). As possible I’ll indicate the source or the author of the original content.  Have a blessed Saturday everyone!

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  1. i'm waiting for your next post


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