Dec 31, 2011

saturday med.itations: Inventory Time

Some businesses shut down for a few days this time of the year to take inventory. Armed with clipboards and merchandise lists, employees take stock of the assets of the company. Every piece of furniture and equioment is listed. A tally is made of the supplies and merchandise on hnad.

Now might be a good time to do a personal inventory. For this you will need paper, pencil, and a quiet place. No distractions should be permitted. You will need time to take a good look at yourself and give an account to God. I’ll show you part of my inventory to give you an idea of how to go about doing it.

Health: Ears, eyes, hands, feet, and all systems of the body are in working order. Weight, however, is twenty pounds more than it should be.

Interests and hobbies: Last year I identified 152 birds and have more than 200 wildflowers on my list. We made a rock garden in the corner of the front lawn, and learned a dozen new recipes. Cycling has been a growing interest and reading has taken up much of my spare time. I have read about sixty books, most of them biographies.

Bad habits: Chewing my fingernails when I am nervous or bored. Leaving my clothes lying around the house. Eating more than I need to at meals. Blaming my husband when something goes wrong.

Personality strengths: Cheerfulness, sense of humor, high sense of duty and responsibility, thoughtfulness of others, ability to give and receive love.

Personality weaknesses: Sensitive, too easily hurt, shy in the presence of strangers, too independent.

Of course, this is only a beginning. Other headings might be: Personal appearance, spiritual life, intellectual development, personal relationships, depts., ambitions, material possessions.

There are several benefits from this type of activity. It can show us where we are in a rut. We can see those areas of our lives where improvement is needed. It will help us to set specific goals to work on in the New Year. Happy New Year Everyone!

-source: This Is The Day

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