Feb 4, 2012

saturday med.itations: Seeds

Think about this question carefully before you answer it: What two things does a seed need in order to sprout? One thing is obvious, the other indirectly. What’s your answer?

Did you say water and light? You’re wrong–even though that’s the answer that most people give. Water is correct, but light is not. Did you say water and sunlight? You’re partly right. But it’s not the light in the sunlight that the seed needs. If it were, then why would we plant seeds under the ground, where it’s dark?

Have you figured out the second requirement for a seed to sprout? It is warmth, which is why sunlight is a partially correct answer. The warmth that seeds use to sprout comes from the effect of the sunlight on the soil. The amount of energy bathing a square mile of the earth’s surface at a given moment is equivalent to that released by an atomic bomb. The difference is that the energy from the sun spreads out evenly over the land and turns into a life-giving force–it warm bed for the seeds to start their growth.

All you have to do is add water, and the seeds swell up and burst open, sending down new little roots and poking up new little shoots that soon develop leaves. While the seed did not need light to sprout, the leaves do need it to grow. Together, the water, air, and light are the raw materials that the plants use to grow and to produce food for humanity and the hungry animals of the worlds.

Today’s text says that the seed represents the word of God. The Word of God is Jesus (John 1:14). Just as the seed in the garden needs water and warmth, when we take Jesus into our hearts, we need the water of His Spirit and the warmth of heavenly sunshine to provide the conditions for a Christlike character to grow in us.

-source: Nature Quest

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