Apr 5, 2012

Countryside Farm Resort – San Pablo City

A good friend called me to accompany him to look for a camping site it San Pablo City, PH, and said if I know a camping site named Countryside Resort. Even though I don’t know the place I am willing to accompany her.
Countryside Farm Resort is located at Barangay Sto. Angel, San Pablo, Laguna. It has a farm house-type accommodation, surrounded by tropical fruit tress like mango, lanzones, and rambutan. It has a natural cool spring pool that have a flowing water from the city main watershed/source.
Although it was lack some of camping equipments and materials, and it was quiet old and need of maintenance, it was inexpensive and economical to freshen’ up this hot summer days with greener environment.

Booking Office:
Barangay Concepcion San Pablo City
Tel. No.:049-526-4550; 049-562-0592; 0921-3834091
Entrance Fee: Php35.00

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