May 25, 2012

Sunrise at Bantayan Island – Cebu

Waking up early on a summer vacation especially at Bantayan Island (Sta. Fe) in Cebu was impossible after exploring the Island or after a late afternoon till night swimming in the white sand and clear water. If you can’t wake up that early to glimpse the sunrise here are some of my photos.

Some says that the best place to see the sunset in Bantayan was on the Kota Beach, so I’m here to find the right view to photograph the sunrise. But it was in the neighbouring beach beside Kota that I’d find the nice spot.
Patiently waiting for the slow non motorized small banca to be on the right place.
Summer is the best time to take photographs of sunrise and sunset because of the clear morning and afternoon sky. I don’t want to pass this summer without taking some photos of the sun.

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