Jun 18, 2012

Light My Fire® Spork Utensil

In mountaineering using bare hands on eating are not advisable for two main reasons, first to avoid an upset stomach, second water are limited (on trail and campsite) only for drinking and cooking. With this the Light My Fire Spork came out to be the solution.  It has a spoon, fork and knife together in one unique utensil. Unlike the normal spoon, it has spoon while on the other end is a fork with a bread knife along the side. It has made with polycarbonate, BPA free material that won’t melt or reshape in boiling hot campfire water also dishwasher safe. With length of 17cm and weight 9 grams it can be handily put on your backpack. Price, SGD 3.00 (PHP 115.00), available at all leading outdoor shops.

Light My Fire Spork is designed for outdoor enthusiast and can be bought individually on leading outdoor shop nationwide. Help lessen the impact on the environment for not using disposable plastic spoon and fork.


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