Jul 24, 2012

Back to Coron with Tanigue Steak for Dinner

Nice to be back here at Coron, one’s of Palawan beauties. It’s raining hard this night but having a Tanigue steak (with extra rice) with super hot soup for dinner is not bad at all. Tanigue steak is flavoursome even thought I have an aching tooth. Tanigue is a fish from mackerel family, in some place it is called Spanish Mackerel, Indo-Pacific Mackerel, King Fish or Seer Fish but in the Philippines it is simply called Tanigue.

Tanigue steak serve (fresh) hot with one rice and coleslaw at Food Trip eatery near Coron public market just beside Coron Harbour Centre, but I think its cost much for a place like this. I’m not a food blogger just a fish lover (eater)hehehe. Thanks to Bonnet Family for a fine rainy night hang-out. Tanigue steak per serving php 200.00.

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