Jul 26, 2012

Fish Feeding at Siete Picados

Siete Picados in Coron Palawan, PH is a fish sanctuary so fishing are prohibited in this place, even the boat (banka) are not allowed to drop their anchor in the water to avoid corals damages down here. It is the best place in Coron to Snorkels especially during low tides and sees beautiful corals and lots of colourful fishes.

Siete Picados literally means seven islets, so there more area to explore and dive. These small islands are made of razor-sharp and pointed limestone thus be doubled careful if you to climb one of the islets. 
Don’t forget to bring some bread or fish foods when visiting this place for some fishy adventures. How amazing and relaxing to see different and colourful fishes, happily they are not frightened by swimmers or divers and you can barely touch them. Fee at Siete Picados php 100.00.

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