Jul 28, 2012

Save CYC Beach of Coron

CYC (Coron Youth Club) Beach is located in the small Kambatang Island and one of the few free beaches along Coron with fine white sands crystal blue waters and mangroves. Snorkelling is also pleasant in this island.

In a free breach like this without entrance fees what would you got? It was raped and you can see tons of garbage here left behind by visitors (tourist, travellers, and locals). Some said that current sand quarrying is adding much damage to this place causing the beach area to shrink. I was also told that some of the fine powdery sand was being taken to Boracay, huh?
With the garbage in this area the water is astonishingly still crystal clear and enjoyable to swim. There is still hope for this area/island to back to its natural beauty with some clean-up drive, self discipline and education. I think the CATE (Calamianes Association of Tourism Establishments) are doing some, but remain this beach/island open and free.

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