Jul 27, 2012

Twin Lagoon of Coron Palawan

Water levels (high tide or low tide) is not a problem when going to Twin Lagoon in Corn Palawan, PH. Entering to the inner lagoon have to options either to a narrow passage down the rock or climbing using the wooden stairs built by the caretakers, so it’s not a problem at all even though you can’t swim just use life vest because the water is too deep.

Clear calm waters and nice rock formations welcomes and amazed visitors to this place. Temperature on the inner lagoon is quite colder and if your get closer to the other side the water taste less salty. I saw a Nipa hut on the other side of the inner lagoon hopefully this does not causes some garbage and pollute waters.
In bird’s eye view these lagoons are more amazing but down here it’s more fun hehehe. You can also enjoy fish feeding in the outside part of the lagoon.
Double the fun at Twin Lagoon, truly a wonderful place to see this place is really awesome the view is great, indeed it’s another wonderful days in Coron. Fee at Twin Lagoon php 100.00.

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