Aug 19, 2012

No to Mining in San Juan – Batangas

Mining explorations and some agents got a view in mining possibilities in Batangas Province, according to a friend some mining firms here and abroad had already granted permits and they have some samples of minerals (esp. gold) deposit in San Juan town huh? The said mining areas cover five towns in Batangas including Batangas City, Lobo, Taysan, Rosario, and San Juan. In San Juan almost 4-6 barangays are at stake but the bad effect covers mostly the tourist spot of the town – the beaches, famously known as Laiya.

The local Municipality of San Juan under Mayor Rodolfo H. Manalo with NGU’s, residents, and some individuals is opposing the plan of mining corporations to conduct mining explorations in the mountainous parts of the town.

Stop this silliness before we suffer the consequences and KARMA from nature. No to Mining in San Juan – SAN JUAN ang bayan ko, MAHAL KO ito! For us environment is an important thing.

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