Oct 2, 2012

Birds of Zoobic Safari

A twenty five hectare amusement in the Ilanin Forest at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales, Philippines is where the Zoobic Safari was located. Enjoy exotic animals roaming in their natural habitat.
Zoobic Safari offers a wide range of habitat to enjoy by the whole family. As an animal lover I only enjoy two adventures that Zoobic has to offer, the first was the ‘Bird Walk’ or the birds of Zoobic Safari.

Like other zoos the place smells different but that a natural thing coz it was their habitat. I’m quite disappointed it was not well-maintained; the plants along the pathway were all dried up. It was now unclean and untidy, need some maintenance, plant grooming and gardening (landscape). By the way it was quite enjoyable.
If no one hunt, hurt, kill, eat, sell, and make birds a pet, you can see some exotic or other kinds of birds in your backyard or on the streets. 

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