Oct 11, 2012

Rondah Riadah Mega Ride 2012 – Malaysia

Oct. 6-7, 2012: Team Prisons; 15 Reel Steel riders, 1 Team Director, 1 Support crew, 1 Cameraman, participated in Cross Country Race of 45 km in Dato Onn, Malaysia.

Out of 2,500++ racers 1 finished in a dramatic & crampy 116th place. One of our Veteran Rider finished 6th Place on his Category, Congratulations Mr.Tom L. :)) For the Mens Open Category the trail has 3 checkpoints to finish line. The Malaysian organizers are very efficient this time. There's a Race Martial in every turns & corners with cameras. They offered opened water bottle ready drink, opened canned drink of your choice, a peeled off banana ready to bite at every pit stops. Free meal, free power drinks, free satay or barbecue (NO PORK), free RedBull, free bike wash, free shower. 
It was a very fine exciting adventure. All 15 of us successfully finished the race. Nil mishaps or accident this time, Praise God! The Team bus is very spacious with singing driver, an onboard ‘Reel Steel movie’ and an ‘Eagles concert’, also a stewardess who acted like Tour Guide for us.
There's always a traditional stop for a late lunch to a seaside Seafood restaurant before crossing Malaysian border. Max asked me if our Team can be called, "Peoples Champion?" I replied, "sounds pretty good to me!!!" Next Event, Bintan Cycling Tour after a week ;))

- by Don D. (from facebook account of Don-Acts, a biker and member of Team Prison based on Singapore, post with permission including photos. Kudos!)

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