Oct 3, 2012

Zoobic Tiger Safari

The Zoobic Safari has many attractions and adventures to offer; it was enjoyable but depends on how animal lovers you are. Tiger Safari was the highlights of the zoo (Zoobic Safari) and this is the only thing I like, aside from ‘Birds Walk’.
Found this part to be a slight different as the tigers were not in the small cage. Riding around a secured vehicle while watching the full grown tigers in natural habitat were exciting, up-close and personal with the magnificent creature was amazing. 

I actually expecting more, some aggressive or playful tigers maybe around ten or more but I saw only 3 roaming in a small (2 hectare) place and the jeepney ride was just about 3 mins, also a group (per vehicle) need to buy chicken as the tigers will ignore you if there is no food on offer. (bitin)

The rest of the visit stops, nothing much just fine.

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