Dec 9, 2012

A Glanced at Ala Eh! Festival Grand Parade 2012

An early Saturday morning (December 8, 2012) when the people of Tanauan and visitors from other town of Batangas province (and other provinces) flock at the main highway of the city to wait and watch the Ala Eh Festival 2012 grand parade of float and street dancing competition.  Rain drops begun to fall but it ceases and sun rises before the event begun at past eight o’clock in the morning.

Ala Eh Festival is the mother of all the festival in the province of Batangas and dubbed as the grandest and most colorful. Held yearly on the first week of December to celebrate the foundation day of the Batangas province, featuring the pride and products from Batangas.
This year the Tanauan City hosted the 2012 Ala Eh Festival (Batangas – All here, so near). Quite disappointed ’coz roughly haft of the towns in the province didn’t participate in the event and no appearance of the provincial elected personalities during the parade (not to mentioned the towns and cities official), however generally it’s enjoyable.
See you again next year! 

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